Tuesday, October 10, 2017

OMG!!! I'm In! Again!!!

I just got this screenshot message from my email:

I can't contain my excitement!!!  That's just more than a month away from now!  OMG!!!

This will be my 3rd time to attend the Blogapalooza.  This time, on November 18, 2017, it will be in City of Dreams Manila.  The 1st one was in SM Aura about four years ago.  The 2nd one was in One Esplanade about two years ago.  And now! OMG!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Somebody Just Impersonated Me!!!!!#@%$&*!!!!!

Who are you?!?!?!?!?!!!
I tried to google my name and there I found a Google+ profile bearing my name but not my photograph!  I consider my name as peculiar and unique that it would be almost impossible that somebody would have exactly the same first and family name as mine!  I hope I am wrong but what infuriates me are the obscene photos that are so disgusting that I could not even bear to post it here in my blog!  If she and her name are real, I beg her not to shame me if she wants to shame herself with all those posted photographs!  And I beg her also to use her or her mother's maiden name to distinguish her identity from mine.

I wonder who she is.  The profile was created in January 2015.  I tried to contact her by becoming her 4th follower but I could not find the link.  Hence, I just reported her to Google hoping they would be able to shed light on the matter... :(

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Window Shopping at the World's Oldest Shopping Mall!!!!!

It was my first day after the conclusion of my audit engagement in Rome and I felt like celebrating!  ๐Ÿ˜คI didn't think of lavishing myself with signature bags and shoes in Galleria Vittorio de Emanuelle in Milan, Italy.  Enjoying the sights was already a priceless treat!  I didn't care less that I was carrying then two bags (a backpack and a shoulder bag) while dragging my carry-on bag (which is contrary to my previous post's statement that I had only a total of two bags.  I just realized and remembered this while reviewing the videos I took inside the mall). 

I didn't know also that I went to the oldest shopping mall in the world.  I only came to know about it when, for the purposes of this post, I recently googled on the name of the establishment near Duomo di Milano. Hihihi! ๐Ÿ˜œ

Nonetheless, as I didn't even check the items that were displayed at the shops' windows (lest I might be tempted to experience some pampering), this post should have been entitled, "Hallway Shopping...".

Don't you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Milan! Here I Come!

Photo credit:  https://i.ytimg.com/vi/LN42M5RJYGo/maxresdefault.jpg
Few days before we ended our audit engagement in Rome, I was still undecided whether I would push through with my side trip to Milan.  I had been to Italy for a few times already, twice in Venice, but I had never been to Milan.  When I found out that plane tickets from Rome to Manchester had increased to at least 100 euros, I thought, maybe that was the sign.  That is, I could still go to Milan and from there, I could go somewhere else before reaching Manchester.  In other words, I'll spend approximately around 100 euros or more but I'll be able to visit one or two places on my way to Manchester!  And that's what I did!

Since I didn't have the luxury of time to look for cheaper plane tickets to Manchester, I asked my sister's help and lucky for me, she found a 9+ euros Ryanair ticket but I needed to go to Belgium for that!  Good thing, there was a direct flight from Milan to Belgium.  Hence, I immediately booked my Italo train ticket, which cost me 35.90 euros (or P2,074.67, per my HSBC credit card statement) for my trip to Milan on June 20, 2017.  I chose the 5:45pm time for a 2.5-hour travel and left Roma Termini as scheduled but I still arrived 30 minutes late due to some delays along the road.

Fast forward, the following morning, June 21, I took a metro ride and went straight to Duomo di Milano, which was about two stops away from where I stayed.  I sat infront the structure after I got tired of walking as I was armed with my two bags (carry-on trolley bag and handbag).  Check out one of my random videos below (while quoting Claudine's hugot line in Milan movie:  "Mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako, o kailangan mo ako kaya mahal mo ako?) ;)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

My Version of Black Pasta

the finished product
Just this afternoon, I finally decided to cook black pasta for snacks.  Since it was already nighttime then, it became my dinner.  ;)

bought in Rome for 8 euros
I admit it wasn't as yummy as the one I tasted in Rome but I'm sure  next time I'll be able to cook it close to perfection.  Here are the ingredients that I used:

olive oil
pasta nero
squid ink

I wasn't quite impressed with the squid ink.  It was not that tasty.  The original squid ink is still the best.  Next time, I'll put in more squid and add original squid ink and.. what else?  Help me, please!

Friday, September 29, 2017

I Almost Got Rained On In Paris

June 29, 2017 - 43rd wedding anniversary of my parents and where else would I best celebrate it?  Of course, it must be in the city of love - Paris!

One of my random videos while I was in Paris.  I was so tired already when I went to Louvre, my supposed-to-be last stop.  The weather was not cooperating.  The sky was a bit gloomy.  I was afraid it would rain as it was on-and-off drizzling then.  I just roamed around a little bit before deciding to go back to the hotel.  Despite the exhaustion, the almost-did-not-happen visit was extremely worth it!  Another gigantic check in my bucket list! :)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Taste of Sky-High Luxury

my view onboard
Unfortunately, I had unpleasant experiences right before I boarded the Emirates plane in Manchester, United Kingdom, and after I landed in Manila, Philippines.  That, I will talk about in another post.. but in the meantime, allow me to reminisce my recent business class experience aboard the Emirates airline.
It started when I was about to board the plane in Dubai.  Few hours before, I was already frantic that I might miss my connecting flight from Dubai to Manila as my flight in Manchester was already delayed by about an hour.  FYI, I had a very short layover in Dubai (about 2 hours, I guess) that any delay will surely have repercussion.  And I was supposed to make my last-minute shopping in Dubai airport - that drone that I had been eyeing on.  (Sigh!)

Since I was assured by the stewardess that I would still be able to make it to my connecting flight, I did not bother to move fast on my way to the boarding gate.  True enough, I saw my co-passengers still waiting in line for their turn.  I heard that my zone was called and I walked passed them and found myself next in line.  I was nervous when I saw  the assigned crew checked on the weight of every carry-on bag.  I tried to tell the crew that I had an overweight bag but she just dismissed me in haste.  (Another sigh!)

When I presented my boarding pass to the 2nd crew-in-charge, she immediately exchanged it with another one and to my surprise, it was labeled as business class!  Whoa!

my appetizing appetizer
As much as I would like to document every detail of my luck, I could not do so as my cellphone battery was already draining out.  I was able to take a few pictures only in-between my movie marathon and naps.  I didn't even bother to stand up and check out their cocktail bar for some sips as I was too comfortable either watching a movie or snoozing halfway through the flight.

Too bad, the 9-hour flight was too short for me to savor the so-called luxurious journey. :(

my deserting dessert


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